The Artist’s Way: weeks 4 and 5

I didn’t write an Artist’s Way roundup last week because having blogged it 6 days out of 7, I was just all Artist’s-Wayed-out.   In terms of exercises, week 5 was a fairly gentle week, maybe a reward for getting through week 4.   The topic of creative block is a useful one – last week I discovered how much I didn’t miss low-grade internet rubbish and though I may have engaged with it a bit this week, I feel a lot more aware of when I’m doing it, and more willing to ask myself why.

This week I have had much more chance for what Julia Cameron calls “the upkeep of creative solitude”.  I take a great deal of joy in being alone.  I never understand the people who find it difficult to have an artist’s date on their own.  As a big introvert who nonetheless gets cabin fever when just left in the house, going out into the world to have fun is completely brilliant.   Maybe the bigger challenge for me will be really finding time to play in my own house – although cooking and knitting do count some of the time.

My artist’s date this week was really fun – after the talk in the National Gallery (which I’m never sure whether to count as part of the artist’s date or not), I went into BHS to fantasy shop their extraordinarily good new lighting collection (trying to fill the Habitat gap?) then I had my excursion to the museum and played with taking photos of reflections and textures.   Last week’s Sugimoto-tour artist’s date is still the best one I’ve had.

I missed my morning pages this morning after an otherwise complete week.  I just did not get out of bed early enough to do them before godchildren-swimming, which is a lengthy endeavour.  I feel slightly out of sorts for not having done them.  I was good on them last week but then, I was desperate for words last week!

One part of the Artist’s Way is the idea of synchronicity, which my physicist/engineer brain just Does Not Believe In.  So I’m trying to ignore that
a) I got the name of someone with a very similar background to me who does the job I might be interested in doing, couldn’t reach her through my professional networks but then found that I’d met her at a party (of non-physics people) 2 weeks ago. It is Scotland after all, it’s basically a village.
b) Having been wondering about joining a real-life writing class or group but being a bit worried about the cost, I just saw a listing yesterday for a free writing group that’s in the same place and on the same day as my art class so I don’t even need to buy two train tickets!
Still don’t believe in synchronicity but if nothing else it is scientifically proven that you feel better if you count your blessings!

Next week is all about money. I can guarantee I will be ENORMOUSLY resistant to the “God will provide” outlook on that front! Expect some rants!

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One Response to The Artist’s Way: weeks 4 and 5

  1. altdotanise says:

    The much-atrophied physicist part of *my* brain may not believe in synchronicity, but it’s just fine with it if I call it “confirmation bias.” And I see a hell of a lot more of it when I’m doing The Artist’s Way.

    And I thought of you last week, when I gave up on my reading fast midway through Wednesday (and a rotten cold/sinus infection that left me too tired to even go downstairs to find the iPad to watch TV). Maybe I’ll try again this week. Or, maybe not.

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