It’s another unseasonably sunny day and it’s very satisfying to see the washing out on the line again.  I got loads done yesterday and now I am nearly hitting the end of the laundry boxes – unthinkable!   I even unearthed some handwash stuff although, being a lazy toad, I used the handwash cycle on the machine. (Buying a machine with a handwash cycle is the best advice my sister ever gave me.  And that’s saying a lot, she’s quite smart.)

There’s something marvellous about hanging out your washing properly.  I never seem to do it as often as I like, even in the Scottish “summer”.  Always going somewhere or just don’t trust that the rain won’t come on.

Last night at pilates the instructor was enthusing about how nice it is to see her washing on the line, how she could stand there with a cup of tea and just watch it.  It’s very soothing.

In my mind our childhood garden always has 4 big ropes of washing with a constant rotation of items.   On a really enthusiastic washday, it would get two extra ropes from corner to corner.  I do know though that my mother often cheated by finishing things off in the dryer – just like I do when they’re a wee bit too cold and you’re not quite sure about them!


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