Hello words, I missed you! Slightly early reading deprivation finish.

Well, as I wrote on facebook, I finished my reading deprivation week a bit early due to the exciting event of having a new nephew, after which it was physically impossible to keep myself from facebook. I’m still totally bouncing around here.

I then treated myself to a multiple-hour word binge, very pleasant and only slightly calorific (courtesy of Mr Woodsmoke’s exceptional lasagne and spelt bread).

I love words. I love love love them. I have missed them sooooooo much. Words words words words words.

I am definitely appreciating them more after the break. I’ve just been fed with interesting things tonight. In my 80 (I thought there would be more, frankly) waiting posts on Google Reader, I found:

– several excellent posts from Better Nation, which is finally getting me into Scottish politics. I especially love their best/worst motion of the week.

– I was itching to read Clifford Johnson’s take on the “faster-than-light” neutrinos at CERN as soon as people told me about that news story, and he didn’t disappoint.

– I am now desperate to make challah after seeing it at My Family Table

Library hungry added two novels to my to-read list straight away

Carly reminded me of a great Ani DiFranco quote as she took an artistic short walk in week 1 of her Artist’s Way

– and Crafty Green Poet informed me that there is a musical crocodile at the Hermitage of Braid!

I’m reminded that good reading does count as “filling the well”, sparking off interesting thoughts with fresh voices. The first time I read a book by someone who sounds totally fresh to me (say, Leila Aboulela – I was so waiting for her to write the great novel that she finally wrote in Lyrics Alley) is a tiny brilliant shift in worldview. And I’ve found that by starting to read some local blogs, politics blogs, artistic blogs, I’m hearing some new voices which is really exciting.

One thing I realised was that I much prefer reading the internet like this – really good content in big chunks – rather than my normal dripfeed mode. So I’m wondering about trying to corral my blog/message board reading into a couple of times a week rather than several times a day. I have no idea whether that would work, but if it did, it could be a good thing to come out of reading deprivation week.

I just had a bath with a book, just as it’s meant to be. It was glorious. I can’t wait to see what comes next.

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2 Responses to Hello words, I missed you! Slightly early reading deprivation finish.

  1. stellacarolyn says:

    I promise you, the challah is super easy. Really. I’m still playing with it a bit- I think it may need a different sugar/butter/egg ratio but it’s good as is…. And bathing with a book? Love it. Miss it. Haven’t had the chance in 18 months or so….

    • Thanks, I just need to translate the flour into the British equivalent! And get organised enough to make it. I shared a house at university with someone who made good challah and I have always meant to get round to trying it myself.

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