(Slightly cheating on) reading deprivation days 5 and 6

Well, I’m certainly figuring out what are the things I really miss in this reading deprivation thing. There are only two that are completely horrendously difficult:

1) Radio 4. Not actually written words at all. I really miss waking up to the Today programme, going to sleep to The World Tonight or Today in Parliament, and having a nice talkative companion when I’m knitting.

2) How in heaven’s name is anyone supposed to have a bath without a book? I needed a bath tonight after Zumba class and found myself listening to country music on Radio Scotland because that was the best there was on analogue radio. It was a sad, sad moment.

I say that I have cheated a bit over the last two days because I realise the idea is that you spend time on your own without stimulation, get productively bored, and go have some fun and/or make some art. So going away and spending all your time interacting with your overpregnant sister is not really doing it properly. It was really nice though. I got to hear my niece/nephew’s heartbeat, exciting stuff. I finally finished knitting the baby sweater, although there are still some ends to address. However, my other sister has been knitting like a maniac so this baby will not be lacking in cute handmade jumpers.

I did also watch some TV which I don’t believe was addressed by my rules of engagement but was probably cheating too.

One day to go and I will be really glad to dive into words again on Sunday. But I can definitely see myself trying to do some modified reading deprivation going forward. I can’t begin to see why listening to a crap Dylan song in the bath is better than reading a really good novel, but corralling my internet use into limited times of day is something I’ve been planning to do for a while. Also trying to only read the good stuff and not go searching out really low-grade words just for having something on the screen.

Tomorrow is more Doors Open Day, must remember to take the camera this time!

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