Jamie Cullen and Lars Ulrich/Reading deprivation day 4

The middle of the week!  Thank goodness.

Last night didn’t go so well.  I had a bath and couldn’t resist reaching for the nearest book, which happened to be Apartment Therapy, so just made me feel guilty about what I’m not doing in the house.

Then I had a strop at bedtime and caught some Radio 4.  I think I am missing Radio 4 more than actual books and newspapers.  Radios 2 and 3 are pretty good, on and off, but I don’t think anyone should be expected to knit garter stitch without the company of Melvyn Bragg, Tim Harford or Quentin Cooper.

One thing I did appreciate was the Jamie Cullen show last night on Radio 2, which included an interview with Lars Ulrich of Metallica.  I’m not a massive Jamie Cullen fan, but I could have listened to this interview all day.  It kind of blew my mind that Lars Ulrich grew up playing with Neneh Cherry, and that he knew lots of major jazz people as a kid.  I just wish the discussion had been longer.  And anything that takes more Metallica onto Radio 2 has got to be a good thing.

I had a terrible night’s sleep and woke up at 5am having dreamt about having to write down an idea for a key point in my (as yet unstarted) novel, so when I woke up I felt I had to… write down the idea for the novel.  Since I wasn’t wearing my glasses at the time and haven’t read it back yet, I have no idea whether this idea was legible, let alone any good.   I think it’s Michael Palin who wrote a funny anecdote in his diaries about writing down some marvellous idea that came in a dream, only to find that it was complete nonsense in the morning.  If I was allowed to read, I could look up the reference.

I also had to have more World Service/Radio 4 to finally get back to sleep.

Having been pretty poor on the Artist’s Way front last night, I’ve been a lot better today, even driving to Aberdeen without any radio.  But it seems to be the evenings that get me.  At least I have a sister and brother-in-law to irritate tonight by trying to engage them in pointless conversations to relieve my knitting boredom (half a sleeve of baby sweater to do.  Their baby, but still.)

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