Sugimoto tour/reading deprivation day 2

Day 2 of reading deprivation. Some craziness starting to set in.

I spent this morning sorting out some finances and organising the crappy cameraphone photos I took over the weekend, so that wasn’t too bad on the reading front. I then took the train to town to go to the guided tour of the Sugimoto exhibition (yes I am obsessed). Strange to sit on the train and not do anything (I just finished some knitting so I didn’t even have that). I enjoyed looking round the exhibition again for half an hour before the tour started. The pictures are becoming old friends. It then turned out that the tour wasn’t actually, y’know, touring. Around 60 people had turned up which was way more than expected so we had to stay in the biggest room. The talk was pretty interesting and highlighted some different things from the talk last week, particularly in how the pictures are framed (Lightning Fields is different from Photogenic Drawings) and about how the Lightning Fields were made.

When the talk finished I had a lot of ideas for poems so I sat on the floor of various rooms for a while, scratching out quite a number of small weird poems.

Sitting in the gallery cafe afterwards, I spent my time making little odd notes in my notebook and staring into space. And eavesdropping on the next table’s conversation about infinity, God, Scooby-Doo and back to God again. I got quite twitchy, not being comfortably anaesthetised by my newspaper as usual.

I couldn’t take photos in the galleries but I did enjoy taking a couple of colourful snaps in the loos!

On the train back I felt really uncomfortable in my head and finally put the ipod on – music, not speech, at least.
Reasons I don’t listen to music in public:
a) I might feel something. I tend to not read novels on the train for the same reason.
b) Chair dancing.

I came back, wrote up a few notes, heated up my tea and proceeded to make 2 pots of soup for poor Mr Woodsmoke, who has just had dental surgery. No recipe, just making things up out of my head. Might be strange and wrong. But making 2 gives some hope that one will be non-weird.

Much as I hate to say it, I am actually feeling creative today. Acknowledging that the reading deprivation thing might have been useful is a scary scary thought.

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