The Artist’s Way week 3/ reading deprivation day 1

Week 3

Week 3 of the Artist’s Way has not been enormously eventful. I forgot my morning pages for the first time on an unscheduled Sunday. Through the rest of the week, they’ve been OK but fairly pedestrian. This morning was the first time all week that I was in a flow. My artist date was the Sugimoto talk, which did certainly get me thinking. I wrote on the train there and knitted on the train back, so not a bad excursion, but could have been a bit longer.

The tasks seemed surprisingly quick this week. Writing about my childhood room was fun – I remembered a lot of detail that I hadn’t remembered for a long time. I struggled to make much distinction between people I admire and people I secretly admire – in fact, I struggled to name the people I admire full stop and was a bit alarmed when a disproportionate number of the ones I thought of turned out to be men.

The person I wanted to call for my talk-to-a-nice-supportive person task actually initiated a chat with me instead, which I am trying not to attribute to synchronicity because I don’t want to give Julia Cameron the satisfaction!

Day 1

Day 1 of reading deprivation has been a bit mixed. I remembered not to read when I first woke up, and I knitted rather than read when I went downstairs. We went out to Doors Open Day (more to follow) and I was pretty good for a while and then just totally forgot and had got all the way through a Govanhill Baths newsletter before remembering I’m not supposed to read.

I have realised that if I’m going to knit without radio 4 in the background I *really* need to knit something more demanding than garter stitch. I cast off my Hawthorne wrap in perfect quiet and it was incredibly tedious (pleased that it’s done now).

I am currently very tempted to put the radio on “for getting to sleep purposes” but I guess I’ll stick with this for a bit and try to settle without it, at least for a bit. We’ll see how I get on.

I’m a bit concerned that I have filled this week with people, not sure whether that’s an attempt to not have to live in my own head. We’ll see how it goes.

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