The Artist’s Way: week 2

Another pretty good week of the Artist’s Way.  (I know it is just kidding me on and sucking me in so it can smash me with reading deprivation in week 4.)

I did all my morning pages, although one was very definitely not first thing in the morning because I am bad enough at leaving the house at 7:30 at the best of times, I’m not adding a half-hour onto that.  Affirmations were a bit mediocre again, I think I did them 4 out of 7 days.  I think they’re worth doing, I just hate them.

On the tasks: I wrote down 20 things I like doing, and when I last did them, and I was actually really pleasantly surprised by how many I’ve done really recently.  My choices for the ones I haven’t done in ages but want to do were reading a poetry book (rather than just bits and pieces online) and going to a Historic Scotland property.

Well,  I’m partway through the first having being inspired by Crafty Green Poet’s post about Edwin Morgan to go and seek him out.  The local library furnished me with A Book of Lives so that’s where I’m starting.  I read a few poems that I wasn’t all that excited by and then one that Totally Blew Me Away and started a good stint…  more when I finish it.

I failed on the Historic Scotland but I did have a good artist date at the National Museum of Scotland.  I literally sat and stared at a wall for half an hour in the Hawthornden Court.  It has that beautiful-ugly feel to it.  Then I read some of the poetry book there, then I wandered round a bit of the renovated Royal Museum.

I have to say, I absolutely love it.  I didn’t know it before it was renovated, so I can’t comment on changes, but I love the main gallery in particular: it has wonderful light and space and I was fascinated by the Window on the World exhibition where interesting pieces are displayed with an artistic eye.  Definitely going back to see more and will post more about that too.

I was very much seeing things with my ‘observing’ eye not my ‘information gathering’ one (partly because I’d been just been working really hard for a few hours).  Didn’t look at any tags or learn anything, just enjoyed the space.

I also had a mini-artist date earlier in the week when I went around photographing the Jungle City animals and starting to gather a few photos for a project I hope to work on soon (watch this space…)

Back to the exercises: my other lives still continue to be a bit challenging to integrate in my real life: aerial archaologist anyone?  Taxonomist? Psychogeographer?  (Actually, I lie.  I think wandering round the city definitely counts as psychogeography.)

I listed my ten tiny changes and did the very small job of defrosting the freezer: rather mundane but useful I suppose!

I am feeling really creative at the moment but it definitely strikes me that this is not anything like a scientific experiment.  I did start this 2 days after I left my job!  So just having the space in my life would have allowed for a lot more creativity anyway.  But I think the Artist’s Way is helping me structure that a bit.  Just on a practical basis, it’s incredibly helpful in just getting me out of bed and started with my day.  All good so far.

Still totally dreading week 4 though!

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3 Responses to The Artist’s Way: week 2

  1. I totally just started the Artist’s Way, I was thinking about blogging about it too. I just did the first imaginary lives task, and I am assuming it is supposed to help provoke creativity by figuring out how to incorporate “being” that into your life. But I can see how it is hard–I picked archeologist, actress, high fashion hair stylist..etc– Anyway–I am glad I stumbled upon your blog, it is interesting to see how someone else is working through this.

    • I’d love to see how you get on with your imaginary lives! Actually, this is enormously geeky but it turns out that I could do with brushing up my statistics which kind of fits with my epidemiology alternate life, just about! It’s quite a challenge when the alternate lives need special training. I guess even just reading a bit more about the subjects provides a bit of interesting input. A visit to a science museum might cover my astronaut and taxonomist alternate lives… that’s something to think about.

      • That is great for you. I had one stats class and it was an “easy” one, but I was lost–not my area at all. It is tricky. I am still in my week one so I am having more of a think and we will see how it goes.:)

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