Today’s knitting is…

I can’t believe it’s been 3 weeks and I haven’t yet written a knitting post!

I’m actually surprised that I haven’t been knitting more.  I guess writing has been taking over.

I’m knitting a very gorgeous (well, other people’s are and I hope mine will be too) wrap called Hawthorne.   It’s the first pattern I have ever paid more than a pound for, so I was hoping it would be good!  In fact it is an absolute joy to knit.  Casting on 311 stitches was a bit of a torment (especially since I ended up having to do it twice) but since then the long rows with plenty of repeats are quite soothing – enough repeats to memorise the pattern but not so many that you get horrendously bored.

This is also the first time that I have been using a chart that is patterned on the wrong side as well as the right side, so I’m pleased that I’ve managed to keep track!  I do find charts a lot more intuitive than written instructions.

The yarn that I’m using is the Blue Sky Alpaca Silk that I treated myself to at WEBS.  I was slightly hesistant since it is a bit hairy – and hairy yarn is usually my allergy nemesis – but I’m not reacting to it at all, and it is super-soft and smooth.

Of course the wrap looks pretty much like nothing just now but I’m hoping it will blossom when it’s off the needles and gets to spread itself out, and then even more once it’s blocked.


Finally, I was amused to see that the ironwork on the building across from the National Museum of Scotland has a very similar pattern to the one on the Hawthorne wrap!

Very bad picture through nice old wobbly glass:

Hmm, I fear it needs both magnification and imagination to see what I’m seeing.  Must take a better picture with an actual camera next time I’m there!

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