The joy of usey-ups

I have just finished my mission to clear out the freezer, and I’m also doing a grocery spending challenge, so round here we have been eating lots of usey-ups, by which I mean either leftovers or something that lets you use the last of the packet.

We don’t normally throw out a lot of food – certainly no unopened items – but there are a few things that we often end up throwing out the end of: hideously-sprouted potatoes, floppy celery (I hate celery), horrible multi-coloured cream cheese.

We were better at this when we had the veg box.  Then we had strategies to eat all the veg up in order, even if this often just meant giant weird soup.

Now we don’t have a veg box, I’ve certainly been worse for just making a plan for meals, buying the things we need for the meals, and not strategising where the ends will go.

Not any more.

Tonight we had awesome fishcakes made from the last 2 blocks of coley, the last egg and some stale bread, served with the end of the green beans out of the freezer.

The end of the frozen mediterranean veg, some over-bought milk and lasagne sheets out of the cupboard were a great veggie lasagne (I’ll definitely be making that one again).

The absolute best usey-up was the day after we’d had venison burgers with a fruity red wine sauce.  The leftover sweet potato mash with reheated red wine sauce and a bit of cheese turned out to be absolutely delicious.  Mmmm, umami.

I made a spag bol yesterday with everything but the kitchen sink in it and killed the end of the celery. I’m pretty sure I’ve never before got to the end of a head of celery in my life.

It’s like a game.  A quest.  An edible logic problem.  I am getting obsessed.

My next challenge: what do I make out of some slightly old porridge oats?  Oatmeal yoghurt muffins are lovely but I think I would have to make two gross of them to get rid of all the oats!  Don’t suggest porridge or I will heave!

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3 Responses to The joy of usey-ups

  1. Make some flapjack! I love ‘clean out the fridge’ meals!

  2. I am loving the look of your flapjack recipes. Just need to acquire some golden syrup!

  3. These flapjacks were definitely a winner.
    I’m not normally a big fan of flapjacks (don’t like incredibly sweet things) but these are really tasty.

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