Put the woggle under your boottocks!

Things I learnt at my first aquaerobics class last night.

1. The class composition of aquaerobics is about the age you’d expect (there’s a reason the day session is designated 50-plus). They were really friendly.

2. That long round foam thing at the pool is called a woggle.

3. My nice swim shorts have unfortunate chafing properties when doing actual exercise.

4. Woggles are very difficult to sit on.

5. You are supposed to be able to wrap the woggle round under your armpits and then lie on your side to do leg raises but I sank. And wobbled. And sank some more.

6. I also sank during the woggle-sitting session.

7. I sank again when trying to tread water without using your arms. What’s that about?

8. Doing giant star jumps while waving your woggle is bizarrely pleasing.

9. It is not actually any easier to stand on one leg when the water is holding you up.

10. I have some muscles I had not previously identified… Today I am “walking like a fridge” as my tango teacher used to say.

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