Last berries

We bought some raspberries and blueberries at the supermarket yesterday. The raspberries are the last of the Scottish crop, the blueberries are Polish. They taste great. It’s sad to see them go. In a few weeks, the shops will be back to tasteless long-distance berries, and I’ll just be buying frozen ones for cooking.

It’s been a tough year for the berry growers. A storm in late spring took out a great deal of the local crop. Normally we buy enough berries that we can eat them most days in summer – a real treat – but this year we’ve been more moderate. We haven’t even made it to the farmer’s market. Mr Woodsmoke only brought one or two punnets of experimental raspberries from work. He did bring me some great gooseberries after I had my normal whinge about their unavailability.

I’m wondering whether next year is the time to make the garden sing for its supper. I’m told that fruit bushes are not all that challenging. My sister has had an absolute flood of redcurrents this year. The idea of having my own gooseberries is very appealing. I’ve never grown anything edible before though! Any tips?

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