The Artist’s Way: week 1

After a bit of a false start last week, I decided to count this week as week 1 of the Artist’s Way.

I kept seeing this book recommended online and my aim is that doing the Artist’s Way will structure my days a bit as well as opening up creative activities that I just haven’t done for while.

How did I get on with the key elements?  I did my morning pages every day, although they seem to be slowing down a bit from 22-23 mins to 26-28 mins.  Either my thoughts are getting less frantic or my hand is getting tired.

I wasn’t quite so assiduous about doing the affirmations.  I’ve always felt a bit self-conscious about affirmations, even on paper.  Must try harder.

My artist’s date was completely marvellous – an hour and a half sitting in Costa Coffee writing very poor chicklit followed by going to the exhibition I talked about in my last couple of posts.

I did a number of the exercises including looking at a timeline of who encouraged or discouraged me in artistic activities.  It seems that the main person who didn’t take me seriously was myself…  What might be interesting would be to do this activity again based on who encouraged and discouraged my science side and I think it would be a bit more patchy – not that people thought I couldn’t do science in general but the particular fields of science have attracted some comment.

One task was to think of what you would like to be in other lives (just to have fun, not practical) and then do something related to those, although if anyone can think of what I can do to include being an astronaut or an epidemiologist in my daily life, I’m all ears!  At least doing some writing means that one of my alternate lives is covered.

So, one week down, 11 to go…

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3 Responses to The Artist’s Way: week 1

  1. october35 says:

    Wishing you the very best of luck with this – am in awe of your dedication.

    Chief Procrastinator a.k.a Cath :)

  2. Come on, you do NaNoWriMo! That’s far more hardcore!

    I am sticking my fingers in my ears and going la la la when thinking about the reading ban in week 4. Nooooooooo! That is unpossible!

  3. Wow! I just started week one as well. It is sort of neat to know there is another human out there in the world doing the same thing I am. I think the other lives things is interesting. I am curious what you end up doing this week to live your alternate life.

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