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Art for beginners

Last night I went to my first art class in twenty years.  Yes, twenty.  I never thought I was that old. I gave up art at school as we went into Standard Grades, so, age 13.  I liked some bits … Continue reading

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It’s another unseasonably sunny day and it’s very satisfying to see the washing out on the line again.  I got loads done yesterday and now I am nearly hitting the end of the laundry boxes – unthinkable!   I even … Continue reading

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Doors Open Day roundup

All of last week I was meaning to write up the Glasgow Doors Open Day but then I got hit with the Edinburgh one too.  In the absence of any fully detailed piece (other than the one I wrote on … Continue reading

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Royal Museum revisited

Once again I went to what used to be the Royal Museum.  Once again, I didn’t make it past the grand gallery.   It really is the most extraordinary space. I wandered up to the top two floors (I think … Continue reading

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Nephew in a basket

Warning: completely self-indulgent new aunty post. Here is my small nephew in a large basket: To be fair, it is a nice big 1970s Moses basket so he is not quite as tiny as he looks. He is quite tiny … Continue reading

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Hello words, I missed you! Slightly early reading deprivation finish.

Well, as I wrote on facebook, I finished my reading deprivation week a bit early due to the exciting event of having a new nephew, after which it was physically impossible to keep myself from facebook. I’m still totally bouncing … Continue reading

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(Slightly cheating on) reading deprivation days 5 and 6

Well, I’m certainly figuring out what are the things I really miss in this reading deprivation thing. There are only two that are completely horrendously difficult: 1) Radio 4. Not actually written words at all. I really miss waking up … Continue reading

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Jamie Cullen and Lars Ulrich/Reading deprivation day 4

The middle of the week!  Thank goodness. Last night didn’t go so well.  I had a bath and couldn’t resist reaching for the nearest book, which happened to be Apartment Therapy, so just made me feel guilty about what I’m … Continue reading

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Beautiful, decaying Govanhill Baths/reading deprivation day 3

Reading deprivation day 3 is going quite well although not yet as creative as day 2.  I did have to have a tiny dose of the shipping forecast to get me back to sleep when I woke up last night. … Continue reading

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Sugimoto tour/reading deprivation day 2

Day 2 of reading deprivation. Some craziness starting to set in. I spent this morning sorting out some finances and organising the crappy cameraphone photos I took over the weekend, so that wasn’t too bad on the reading front. I … Continue reading

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