Artist’s Way: week 0

I intended this week of the Artist’s Way to be week 1, but since I didn’t get any of the exercises done, I’ve decided to redesignate it as week 0.

The fundamentals of the Artist’s Way are the Morning Pages and the Artist Date and I did manage to keep up with those.  Three pages of longhand every morning was surprisingly easy to churn out (I averaged about 21-22 minutes) and I felt that it did get me started pretty well for the day – no desire to go to sleep again after that!  The only time it felt like a burden was yesterday when I had not accounted for the Morning Pages in my alarm time, and had to trade some lazy Radio 4 listening time for some fairly frantic writing.

It was a very easy week for the Artist Date: most of my week has felt like one big Artist Date!  The festival was a great time for this.  I’d highlight again the poetry performance by Young Dawkins and the Ingrid Calame exhibition.  But sitting in the Storytelling Centre watching the world go by with a cup of peppermint tea and my knitting was just as effective.

This morning I started recording ‘blurts’ (negative thoughts) and I’ll try to get through some of the week 1 tasks.  I feel a little resistant – the whole thing about converting negative thoughts into positive feels a little bit too much like CBT.  Still, if I’m doing this I may as well do it properly!  I’ll give it a go.

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