Blur of woodsmoke

I feel like I am the last person on the planet to start to blog, and everyone else has already moved on to twitter.  I don’t even read blogs all that often, just the Yarn Harlot and Peeriemoot.  Sometimes Dorkymum.

But I’m starting writing again, and feel like I need somewhere to write that isn’t just the one-a-week of my writing group.  And doesn’t come out as massive overuse of facebook.

The name for the blog comes from Idyll by U A Fanthorpe.  The line is

“Blur of woodsmoke, whisky in grand glasses”

as she pictures an earthly heaven.  I read this poem at my friend L’s civil partnership ceremony and I find it such a calm presence.  It doesn’t ask for much, and yet it seems to encompass everything.

I have stopped reading poetry for a while, but I want to re-start.  I just started writing poems again after 15 or 16 years off (I’m pretty sure I haven’t written any since I was a teenager) and I haven’t read much poetry since I was in Malvern.  When I stopped taking the bus to work, I stopped carrying a poetry book around.  (So lightweight! You can finish one while your bus comes!)

So let’s see how this develops.  I’m planning on writing a few reviews, maybe posting some poetry in its second draft (the first goes on my writing group website), some observations, and some thoughts about the Artist’s Way, which I’m just starting today.

‘Blur of woodsmoke’ to me means the calm of U A Fanthorpe’s poem, the sense of going into autumn, and the fact that I can’t quite see where I’m going in my life just now: it’s a little misty.  Poetically so, I hope.

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3 Responses to Blur of woodsmoke

  1. dorkymum says:

    Thanks for the link. (And for going to see Young!)
    Am looking forward to reading more of your blog.

  2. Thanks for telling us about Young’s show! I went on the last day and it was the highlight of my Fringe. His show and the Hiroshi Sugimoto exhibition were the best things I went to all week.

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